Date: May 18, 2010
Time: 1:00pm (MDT)

Presenters 1: Susan Foley
Susan Foley, Ph.D. is Research Director at the Institute for Community Inclusion at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She received her doctorate from the Florence Heller School for Advanced Social Policy at Brandeis University in May 1999 with a concentration on disability policy and a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Bates College in 1985. Dr. Foley oversees several federally funded projects related to the education and employment of people with disabilities. She provides intramural research support for the Institute as well as conducts extramural research activities. Her work includes secondary data analysis of large administrative databases, survey work, longitudinal qualitative research, and intervention research. She is the co-Principal Investigator of a large national center researching two interventions for youth with disabilities and special health care needs. The Opening Doors Project operates a randomized controlled design of a transition to college curriculum targeting high school sophomores and juniors with chronic illnesses and special health care needs to pursue post secondary education. She is the Research Director of the national center (Vocational Rehabilitation Research and Training Center) providing research and technical assistance activities to the federal-state vocational rehabilitation program and a Co-Principal Investigator of the Rehabilitation Technical Assistance Center on Vocational Rehabilitation Program Management.

Presenters 2: Julisa Cully
Julisa Cully, M.Ed., Program Manager, works on a number of research and program development projects at ICI and coordinates the training and technical assistance components of the VR RRTC and the RTAC on VR Program Management. She supports the Principle Investigator in developing and managing project addressing employment and community supports for persons with disabilities and multiple barriers to employment. She is responsible for project design, implementation of program, and coordination of project services with multiple community agencies on a statewide basis.

Prior to joining ICI, Ms. Cully worked as the director of recruitment for psychiatric research at Harvard Medical School. She also has seven years of management experience in the private sector. She has experience as a mental health and substance abuse counselor. Ms. earned a master’s degree in mental health counseling and a certificate in forensics at UMass Boston. She has worked with various state agencies including Community Corrections.
Learning objectives:
a) Introduction of the RTAC’s purpose and Goals
b) How program evaluation and QA specialists may be able to use the RTAC

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