From the Delaware Division of Vocational Rehabilitation:

We pay for interpreter services for appointments that are missed unless the appointment is cancelled more than 24 hours in advance.

From Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services:

If consumer does not keep the appointment, or the appointment is shorter than expected, full payment is still expected for interpreting services. Rate depends on agency that is being used from the state of Minnesota master contract, but tends to range between $35-$75 an hour plus referral fee and two hour minimum for onsite interpreting.

From the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission:

Rate: $4.70 / Unit of Service
UOS (Unit of Service) = 6 minutes
2 hour minimum (which equates to $47 for each of the first two
hours); any time over 2 hours is billed by UOS
No differential rates for emergency, evening, or weekend appointments
No differential rates for geographic region
Does not include travel time; includes appointment time only

Mileage: Up to 45-cents per mile

Missed Appointment / No Show Fee: 2 hour maximum

From the Washington DC Rehabilitation Services Administration:

The standard practice in the Washington, DC area is that if a consumer doesnot keep an appointment, interpreters are not paid a “minimum rate” but rather the entire amount for the agreed upon time. The interpreter is alsopaid the entire amount if a meeting lasts less than the time originally scheduled. Interpreters are also paid in full if an appointment is canceled with less than a 72 hour notice.

DC RSA does not establish the rate of pay for interpreters. The pay rate is established by the interpreting companies that sign a contract with the agency. Currently DC RSA has two contractors/companies who assign interpreters on an ad-hoc basis depending on need. One company charges a one hour and a half minimum. The other company charges a two hour minimum.Rates are different for both companies. Rates for both companies also vary depending on length of assignment, when the request was made, number of interpreters needed, specialty, and last minute requests. Last minute requests are usually at a premium.

From the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services:

We pay a minimum of 2-hours. This is paid if “no show” or appointment is cancelled less than 24 business hours notice. And this is paid if the appointment last shorter than 2 hours.

We follow the rates established by the Virginia Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. They have a multi-agencies contract for state agencies, which we are part of this. This prevent state agencies from competing with each other with hourly rates. I have attached the contract for your review. The actual rates are on page 15.



From the Illinois Division of Rehabilitation Services:

IL-DRS Response: Illinois pays a 2 hour minimum. Assignments over 2 hours require 2 interpreters. Two interpreters are hired when working with individuals who are deafblind regardless of the length of the assignment. The interpreter is paid the number of hours they were hired to work when the customer does not keep the appointment and does not cancel at least 2 days prior to the assignment date. When the appointment ends earlier than the originally scheduled end time, the interpreter is paid for the scheduled hours. Illinois VR pays the following rates:

Rates for sign language interpreters

License Hourly Fee
 Sign Language Interpreter  Master $45.00
 Sign Language Interpreter Advanced $40.00
 Sign Language Interpreter Intermediate $35.00
 Sign Language Interpreter – Provisional $20.50


Rates for sign language interpreter services for individuals who are deafblind

License Hourly Fee
 Sign Language Interpreter Deafblind – Master $50.00
 Sign Language Interpreter Deafblind  – Advanced $45.00
 Sign Language Interpreter Deafblind  – Intermediate $40.00


Rates for sign language interpreter services occurring between the hours of 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM:

License Hourly Fee
 Sign Language Interpreter – Master 6:00PM to 6:00AM $52.00
 Sign Language Interpreter – Advanced 6:00PM to 6:00AM $47.00
 Sign Language Interpreter – Intermediate 6:00PM to 6:00AM $42.00
 Sign Language Interpreter Deafblind – Master 6:00PM to 6:00AM $57.00
 Sign Language Interpreter Deafblind  – Advanced 6:00PM to 6:00AM $52.00
 Sign Language Interpreter Deafblind  – Intermediate  6:00PM to 6:00AM $47.00
 Certified Deaf Interpreter 6:00PM to 6:00AM $52.00
 Certified Deaf Interpreter Deafblind 6:00PM to 6:00AM $57.00

From State of Oregon DHS-Vocational Rehabilitation:

This depends on whether the interpreter was coordinated through our sister program, Oregon Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (ODHHS), or through a private, for profit interpreter coordination program. I will attach the most recent matrices I have from ODHHS; if the job was coordinated by a private company, we follow their cancellation/no-show policy. I am attaching two matrices I recently received from ODHHS’ Coordinator, Jeff Brownson. I do not have similar information from the private coordinators, but can tell you generally their hourly rate is $75-80.



From the Minnesota State Services for the Blind:

The State of MN has contracts for Interpreting services. Currently, we have two agencies on contract. DeafBlind interpreting costs more. $62.50/hour with a two hour minimum for the first agency. The second agency charges $72.50/hour with a two hour minimum. There is a minimum rate paid for the service when a cancellation occurs with short/no notice (less than 48 hours).

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