From Janet Cool, Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission:

Ohio VR has had VR policy as part of the Program Integrity and Evaluation (PIE) unit, but has parsed this out due to the need for VR administration to “own” the policies and procedures to which they hold their program staff accountable. PIE staff then evaluate case work and program compliance upon those principles which creates a clearer distinction between policy and compliance with policy. PIE is frequently utilized in development and planning of training programs for field staff based on emerging patterns and trends, although again, the VR training program is house under the VR program so trianing topics are primarly driven based on VR field needs.

File attached: Ohio’s Table of Organization in relation to the PEQA functions

From Michael Shoemaker, Utah State Office of Rehabilitation:

Utah’s Program Evaluation Unit consists of one person at this time with some assistance from an office specialist. We do have a separate training unit that does statewide training. One of the trainers is specifically over basic counselor orientation and training that staff goes through directly after they are hired and the other is working developing supervisory training.

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