From the Minnesota State Services for the Blind:

SSB does not have a minimum sign language proficiency requirements for its counselors serving our Deaf Blind individuals, though having experience using ASL is a preferred qualification on job postings.

From State of Oregon DHS-Vocational Rehabilitation:

At this time, no minimum proficiency (based on objective data) is required, but as a part of the Oregon Department of Human Services, VR will move to requiring language proficiency for staff who receive the “bilingual” pay differential for spoken languages or ASL; for ASL proficiency, the expectation will be that staff score at least a 3 on the ASLPI instrument. The only promotional opportunities related to D/HOH services we have within Oregon VR are one “lead” RCD position and the State Coordinator for D/HOH Services (which is a portion of the duties of the person in my present position). We do not, at present, require “higher levels” of ASL proficiency for those two positions.

From the Illinois Division of Rehabilitation Services:

RCD must obtain a rating of advance on the SLPI.   Rehabilitation Case Coordinators must obtain an intermediate on the SLPI.    Ratings above advanced are not required for promotional opportunities.

From the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission: 

For an RCD at RSC, we require a minimum of Novice Plus on the SLPI and a level 2 on the ASLPI.

From Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services:

No, positions are just advertised as “signing skills required”, SCPI (Sign Communication Proficiency Interview) can be used to assess skills.

From the Delaware Division of Vocational Rehabilitation:

We do not have written proficiency requirements for the RCD position. Our RCDs meet with staff proficient in sign language as part of the interview process.  When I was hired as an RCD back in 1988, I met one-on-one with the SCD. (I am now the SCD… and the program evaluation person… Delaware is a small state!)  We have only two RCDs; one was hired in 1987 and the other in 1995, both before I was SCD.

From the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services:

No. Signing skills are assessed during the interview process (no formal testing, etc).  No additional higher levels for promotion.

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