From the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services:

Severity is based on functional limitations. RSA told us years ago that we could not use dB loss or speech discrimination as part of the eligibility determination. We generally use the concept of… is there a hearing loss? If yes, then we look at functional limitations.

From the Minnesota State Services for the Blind:

SSB does not utilize an Order of Selection.  For our Deafblind customers, eligibility is based on vision.  SSB does have a system of classifying individuals as DeafBlind by taking into account diagnosis, prognosis, and dB loss.

From the State of Oregon DHS-Vocational Rehabilitation:

In Oregon VR, we use functional loss to determine severity of disability in D/HOH consumers, as we do with all other disability groups. A couple of years ago, our RCDs worked with me to create the attached Functional Loss Indicators document. We use it as a training tool as well as a reference for field staff. The guide could apply to nearly any disability group–it’s based on the foundations of Rehabilitation, after all–but we have noticed an increase in accurate and effective determination of functional loss by ALL VRCs, not just the RCDs, since we implemented its use. Because we only have 13 RCDs statewide, some Deaf and many HOH clients are served by general VRCs in their local offices; this document has helped those staff immeasurably.



From the Illinois Division of Rehabilitation Services:

The severity of disability is determined by the individual’s functional limitations.

From the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission:

Ohio is also an Order of Selection state. Severity of disability is based solely on functional limitations.

From Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services:

Severity of Disability is ranked on functional limitations.



From the Delaware Division of Vocational Rehabilitation:

We use an Order of Selection. We do not use the dB loss as the determination of SD or MSD. We use functional limitations and the requirement that the person need multiple significant services lasting 6 months or longer.

From Montana Vocational Rehabilitation:

Montana has never been under OOS, but anticipates that we will be within the next two years. Currently the disability ranking is based solely on functional limitations.

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