From Robyn Throlson, ND DVR:

We are currently contracting with Market Decisions to conduct our Client Satisfaction Surveys. Our Data Information Specialist sends them a list of the clients who qualify for the survey each quarter. I am the Quality Assurance Administrator and review the results of the survey and oversee the contract.

Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

From Jeff Haight, Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services:

Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (IVRS) does our consumer satisfaction survey (CSS) internally. IVRS uses the CSS created by the 4th Summit Reading Group headed by Darlene Groomes. We have made some minor changes to certain questions from the original but still kept the same meaning of the questions. The questions use a ‘skip logic’ method so when the Job Candidate answer the main question favorably they skip the follow up questions. If the answer in unfavorable the sub-questions are presented.
On a monthly basis using Survey Monkey or mail we send to all successful and unsuccessful closures who received services. If the Job Candidate has an email we use Survey Monkey and if the email is rejected we send out by mail. The Job Candidates without email available we send by mail. The surveys are returned and entered into a spreadsheet calculating the results for the SRC quarterly meetings.
The SRC subcommittee, Darlene Groomes, Quality Assurance, and Administrator reviews the results of the CSS and questions items that are not reported as favorable. The CSS is posted on the IVRS Internet site for all to access. The IVRS Quality Assurance staff and a team will identify and implement the training needs of staff.

From Becky Oberrecht, Alaska Division of Vocational Rehabilitation:

We send our client satisfaction surveys in an email via Survey Monkey. Approximately 78% of our clientele has email and we expect that number to increase. We are also a pilot project for SARA which is software that will text clients instead of sending letters. We will be making a more concerted effort to get either a cell phone number for texting or an email. I have a staff person who creates a list from closures the previous month (we just sent out March), and monitors the responses. Those responses are tabulated in Survey Monkey and the data is combined quarterly to report out to our Statewide Committee and also combined annually for the annual statewide report. We are a small agency and the process is easily handled by one staff spending a couple of hours each month.

From Janell Turner, Kentucky Office for the Blind:

Our agency contracts with the University of Kentucky to conduct our Satisfaction Surveys. They have an individual who is responsible for getting the data from Office for the Blind and distributing it to the call center. That individual is then required to write a report and present the information to our State Rehabilitation Council. If you would like more specific information feel free to contact me at, and I can help you.

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