From Don Kay, WA-DVR:

Washington State DVR has not participated in any WDQI activities. I don’t even know if our state has ever received a WDQI grant from DOL.

From Kathleen Enders, WI VR:

No collaboration has been done

From Kirsten Rowe, Va. Dept. for Aging and Rehab. Services:

Yes, Virginia has had two WDQI grants, and DARS (the general VR agency in Virginia) has participated as a member of various interagency working groups implementing WDQI projects. We will be sharing de-identified VR participant data with the Virginia Longitudinal Data System (VLDS) for the first time this year, and expect to receive WDQI funds to support an initial data quality analysis to learn more about the strengths and gaps in VLDS data and its data linking capabilities that may affect our ability to use VLDS for research and policy analysis, as well as routine performance monitoring and reporting.

From Steve Collins, Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation:

Florida VR has only peripheral interactions with this system right now. It is more geared to education and workforce data, than a tie to VR caseload data and outcomes. The DOL report is at and the Florida FETPIP webpage is at

From Ronald Barcikowski, Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation:


From Richard Clark, Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services:

Iowa has not that I am aware of.

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