From Don Kay, WA-DVR:

The State of Washington Department of Social & Health Services uses an LMS system for all employees, including DVR. Contact Dona Fuerst, DVR Training Manager, for examples and details. Email

From David Higginbotham, LA Rehabilitation Services:

LRS does not have a LMS. I would appreciate information regarding this also. Oregon has an extensive web based training library.

From Warren Grantor, North Dakota Voc Rehab:

North Dakota VR used a LMS to create online classes for the new case management system. The naming convention was simliar to a college catalog, such as:

300C  Basic Navigation
310C  Finding Particiants
320V  Application
320B  Application
330V  Eligibility
560C  Reports


Where C = Combined; V = VR Staff; B = Vision Specialists

The numbering scheme made it easier to designate which courses had pre-requisites.

From Kathleen Enders, WI VR:

In WI DVR, we use a state/department system called Cornerstone to track training. We do not track this ourselves but use that system.

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