From Janet Cool, Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities:

I will send Ohio’s survey policy, procedure and forms for your review that will answer your questions (above).

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From Kellie Scott, KY-OVR:

We have office-level surveys which are provided to customers when meeting with a counselor. 1.However, our biggest, more-comprehensive survey is performed on an annual basis. 2&3.We contract with a local university to call a validated random sample of closed customers. Con – $35,000/year to survey 1,000 consumers. Pro – consumers speak very freely to the surveyors and they are very good at reaching them. 4. They call the consumer at least 3 times and are very good at tracking down and reaching the consumer. 5. All closed cases from the previous year are considered for the random sampling.

Please contact me if you want to see the report (

From Becky Oberrecht, Alaska DVR:

1. Surveys are sent monthly, late in the month, for the previous month. (March 23rd for February).
2. Email, using Survey Monkey. Over 80% of our participants have an email account.
3. Data is tracked internally. Survey Monkey does sufficient analysis for our needs.
4. Yes we track return rates. When we changed to all electronic, we had to justify the change to our Statewide Vocational Rehabilitation Council. We used cost savings and the increased response rate (11%) to justify and they approved the change.
5. We send to all closures from plan, regardless of outcome.

I’ve attached a copy of our current questionnaire. Originally it was 28 questions and we cut it substantially. We thought that might help the return rate a bit, which it did. In general, this doesn’t provide us with much useful information.

Just as an aside, we have cut the number of surveys going out for our CSNA this year. We are surveying transition students (required), staff and CRPs. We are not doing providers, our clients or employers. We have a fair amount of data available from other sources (American Community Surveys) and we know where our weaknesses are. We use the information to build our strategic plan and goals, but with all the new WIOA requirements, we have had to focus on getting those changes incorporated into our goals for this year and next.

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From Curtis Mildner, Market Decisions Research:

You are in luck, a couple years ago MDR collected this information and presented it at the Summit is Louisvile. Please let me know if you’d like a copy (free) or 207-767-6440 x105.

From Mike Hermanson, Montana VR:

1. We send them out the month after closure.
2. We send a letter. We are exploring sending an email with a survey monkey link.
3. We track internally at the state office.
4. We do track return rates.
5. We do all successful and unsuccessful closures.

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