7th Annual Summit:
Performance Management in Vocational Rehabilitation

September 8-9, 2014

Concurrent Session Abstract


– From the Director’s Chair: A Perspective on Program Evaluation and its Impact on the Future of the VR Program

Presented by David Beach, Ph.D., CRC, CPM; Executive Director of the Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

– The Inspiration Triangle

Presented by Teri Ridler, Director of Human Resources, SeaWorld Orlando



– A Program Evaluation: Vocational Evaluation Services Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services 2011-2014

Presented by Barbara J. Burkett, Ph.D., M.S.P.H.; Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services

– American Community Survey Resources and Technical Assistance

Presented by Lewis E. Kraus, MPH, MCP; Center on Disability at the Public Health Institute, Oakland, CA

– Best Practices for Customer Statisfaction Research

Presented by Curtis A. Mildner MBA, Market Decisions; Brian Roberstson, PhD, Market Decisions

– Conducting Needs Assessments with People who have Combined Hearing and Vision Loss

Presented by Beth Jordan and Molly Rimer, Helen Keller National Center; and David Vandergoot, Center for Essential Management Services

– Data Visualization in VR: Applications of InstantAtlas in Human Resources

Presented by Donna L. Ashworth, Director; Todd Sink, Ph.D., Research Specialist; and Joseph “Zeke” Hampton, Research Specialist; West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services

– Development of Tools for Assessment of Vendor Performance

Presented by Steven Collins, Chief, Planning and Performance (BPP); Josh Durden, Government Operations Consultant, BPP; and Michael Karris, Systems Project Analyst, BPP; FL Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

– Evaluating the VR Agency’s Human Resource Functions: Are you getting the most from your workforce?

Presented by Dana Jefferson, Ph.D., SPHR, and Leslie Scott

– ExploreVR: A Web Application for Data and Information Sharing
– ExploreVR: Open, Accessible Data

Presented by DeBrittany Mitchell, Knowledge Translation Associate, Institute for Community Inclusion; Jeff Coburn, Web Services Manager, Institute for Community Inclusion

– Managing What Matters

Presented by Terri Lewis, National Teacher’s University of Changhua, Taiwan; Louis Adams, CANAR, TVR CIRCLE: Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation – Continuous Improvement of Rehabilitation Counselors, Leaders, and Educators; Darlene Groomes, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan; Thomas Jones, Michigan Department of Human Services – Rehabilitation Services

– Needs Assessment Revisited: New Tools for Planning and Action

Presented by Susan Stoddard, InfoUse, RTAC; Scott Sabella, Region 8 TACE; Stacey Cummings, Utah State Office of Rehabilitation; Susan Pugh, Ohio Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation; Michelle McCall, Texas Division for Rehabilitation Services

– New England Vocational Rehabilitation Quality Assurance System: Presentation 
– New England Vocational Rehabilitation Quality Assurance System: Report Document
– Agency Self-Assessment Tool Template 

Presented by Karen D. Fraser, Director, Systems Improvement and Quality Assurance, Maine Dept. of Labor; Ella McAllister, Program Specialist, NH Vocational Rehabilitation; and Susan Wells, Senior Manager, VT Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

– The State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) Partnership to Review, Analyze and Advise

Presented by Andrea Schwendinger, Florida Rehabilitation Council

Handouts: 1234567; Audio 

– SuRGE-5’s User’s Guide: Survey Design within VR Performance Management

Presented by Darlene A.G. Groomes, Ph.D., Oakland University; Karen Carroll, New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services; Andrew Clemons, Washington Division of Vocational Rehabilitation; HarrietAnn Litwin, Delaware Division of Vocational Rehabilitation; Michael Shoemaker, Utah ASPIRE, Utah State Office of Rehabilitation; Russ Thelin, Utah State Office of Rehabilitation

– The Transition Career Exploration Workshop: A New Tool to Promote Improved Outcomes for Transition-Age Clients

Presented by Karen D. Fraser, Director, Systems Improvement and Quality Assurance, Maine Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Rehabilitation Services; Betsy Hopkins, Director, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation; Libby Stone-Sterling, Assistant Director, Maine Department of Labor, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

– The VR-ROI Project: Vocational Rehabilitation Return on Investment Findings from Four States — Main Presentation
– The VR-ROI Project: Vocational Rehabilitation Return on Investment Findings from Four States — Further Discussion

Presented by Kirsten L. Rowe, Ph.D.; Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services

– Using On-Line Survey Tools in the Performance of QA Reviews
– Division of Rehabilitation Services Quality Assurance Review Instrument

Presented by John Stem; MD Division of Rehabilitation Services

– VR Experiences of Youth with Disabilities: An Overview of Processes, Practices, and Outcomes

Presented by Todd Honeycutt, Ph.D., Mathematica Policy Research