This collection of webinars recording reflect a partnership between the Summit Group and various partners including Michigan State University, the Disability Compendium, Region VIII TACE Center, Oakland University, the Utah Office of Rehabilitation Services and other entities to build a body of knowledge towards improvement in Vocational Rehabilitation program evaluation and quality assurance.

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Quality Assurance and Transition:  How to Improve Using School Forms and Concrete Goals
Kimberly Osmani, August 13, 2013

This webinar provided through TACE 8 will introduce participants to tools and strategies for improving coordination of documentation, interpretation of school information, and service delivery between schools and VR agencies.  Participants will look at forms and tools for improving evaluation and service delivery as well and engage in discussion of how to improve compliance and coordination.

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October 21, 2011: Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Other Mapping Tools in VR Programs
August 15, 2011: Stats 101: What can you do with the data you have? (We promise this will be painless.)
July 25, 2011: Project Design 101: How to Develop and Implement a Doable Plan (and Other Practical Issues)
June 10, 2011: Research Basics 101 Review (Things you already know but may have forgotten)


November 16, 2010: Disability Compendium 2010: A One Stop Knowledge Shop
May 18, 2010: VR Program Management: Quality Assurance
February 23, 2010: Economic Impact Study for the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation


November 24, 2009: Population-Based Estimates to Assist VR Planning and Evaluation (Andrew Houtenville)
July 21, 2009: Completing a Statewide Needs Assessment Plan: Perspectives and Lessons Learned (Darlene Groomes)
May 21, 2009: Changing VR Systems Through QA (Joe Matthews)