Welcome to SuRGE Commons!

SuRGE Commons is the place where we welcome interested individuals to look through the work of past reading groups.  The work of the present group is underway and we will have content for your to review in the near future. 

If you have a question or comment about any information that you see in the Commons area, please contact Dr. Darlene Groomes (groomes@oakland.edu) and she will assist in providing an answer or resolving an issue.

Four reading group sessions have been completed over three years, and the Summit Reading Group is excited by the interest and focused sharing of resources and information.

The first group read Patton’s book entitled: Utilization-Focused Evaluation (2008, Fourth Edition). The second reading group discussed Sylvia and Sylvia’s Program Planning and Evaluation for the Public Manager (2004, 3rd edition). The third reading group read and presented on Stephen Few’s Information Dashboard Design: The Effective Visual Communication of Data (2006). The fourth reading group read and presented a 5-Why Approach to Customer Focus after reading Peter Scholtes’ The Leader’s Handbook: Making Things Happen, Getting Things Done (1998).

The 5th reading group will soon begin reading Dillman, Smyth,  & Christian’s Internet, Mail and Mixed-Mode Surveys: The Tailored Design Method(2008).

We do not have specific products to share from SRG-1 and SRG-2. At the San Antonio Summit this past September, the 3rd Reading Group presented their learned outcomes and impressions on performance dashboard development.  This specific experience of generating awareness and providing training was new, productive, and served as a model for future training and development opportunities from the Reading Groups.

When you click on the following link, scroll down until you see Summit Reading Group – Dashboard to access all points of this project.  You can view our keynote presentation from the Summit Group website, under the Training tab, and clicking on Summit 2012 Presentations.

Dashboard Development Project 2011-2012_SRG-3