Vocational Rehabilitation as a field is client centered. The regulations that implement the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended cite the responsibilities of the State Rehabilitation Council regarding consumer satisfaction with the Vocational Rehabilitation Program for both the Division for Rehabilitation Services (DRS) and the Division for Blind Services (DBS). Responsibilities relating to consumer satisfaction are listed below.

(4) To the extent feasible, conduct a review and analysis of the effectiveness of, and consumer satisfaction with ––

    – The functions performed by the designated State agency;

    – The vocational rehabilitation services provided by State agencies and other public and private entities responsible for providing vocational     rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities under the Act; and

    – The employment outcomes achieved by eligible individuals receiving services under this part, including the availability of health and other employment benefits in connection with those employment outcomes; (Section 105 (c) (4) Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

In this section you will find surveys that are used by state Vocational Rehabilitation agencies.


Electronic Surveys:

Delaware’s Division of Rehabilitation Customer Satisfaction Surveys for 26 Closures Delaware’s Division of Rehabilitation Services Customer Satisfaction Survey for 28 Closures Georgia Alaska


Mail-Out Surveys:


Alaska FY 2012 Report Kentucky Report 2012-13 3rd QTR Florida Rehab Council Survey Reports 2012-13 FY Florida Rehab Council Survey Reports



Ohio Survey Dashboard