Monitoring and Technical Assistance Guide Published

This publication is intended to serve as a resource and planning guide for VR agencies and state teams to assist in the preparation for and conduct of monitoring and technical assistance visits this fiscal year. The specific programs covered by the Guide include:

– the VR program, authorized under Title I of the Rehabilitation Act; and
– the supported employment (SE) program, authorized pursuant to Title VI of the Rehabilitation Act.

The Guide also includes five focus areas to be covered during the technical assistance visits:

– Performance of the VR and Supported Employment programs, including – competitive integrated employment outcomes;
– Transition services and employment outcomes for youth with disabilities, including pre-employment transition services for students with disabilities;
– Supported employment for individuals with the most significant disabilities, including youth with the most significant disabilities;
– Fiscal integrity of the VR and Supported Employment programs; and
– Progress of VR agencies toward implementing certain requirements under title I of WIOA governing unified and combined planning, performance accountability, and the one-stop service delivery system.

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