Summit Group Best Practice Inquiries:
Benchmarking and Information Sharing

As members of a community of practice we all have a mutual right and responsibility to inquire and discover together. These posted inquiries are a result of professionals sending questions and these being sent through the Summit Group email listserv and represents a growing body of knowledge in Vocational Rehabilitation Program Evaluation.

Question Guidelines:
1. A question should have a clear and apparent relationship to areas of program evaluation and program improvement, quality assurance or performance management.
2. Each question will be reviewed and approved by a three members of the Summit Group Guiding Committee known as the Summit Navigators before being sent through the Summit Group email listserv.
3. A question may begin follow up questions, but from the beginning should not be used as a vehicle for long term research or inquiry by any individual or group.
4. Responding to an inquiry gives explicit permission to post responses on the Summit Group website and to be referred to responses in Summit Group related articles and presentations. 

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A central purpose of the inquiry process is to increase communication between Summit Group members who have like interests. Please provide a designated contact name and email address, to be published on the website, so that Summit Group members can contact them to find out more information, ask questions or arrange a discussion on the topic.

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