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The Summit Group:
Performance Management
in Vocational Rehabilitation


The Summit Group is a community of practice committed to the professional education and training of Vocational Rehabilitation Program Evaluators and to the improvement of performance management within state vocational rehabilitation agencies.


Monthly News

- New Inquiry posted to the Inquiries page. (2 December 2014)

- New Inquiry posted to the Inquiries page. (26 November 2014)

- Inquiry responses posted to the Inquiries page, under the “Client Surveys” topic. (10 October 2014)

- New Event added to Calendar – “2014 Annual Compendium of Disability Statistics and Research-to-Policy Roundtable” (see footer for more details). (10 October 2014)

- New Inquiry posted to the Inquiries page. (15 September 2015)


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