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Registration is now open for the 2016 Annual Summit on Performance Management in Vocational Rehabilitation.  The VR ROI (Vocational Rehabilitation Return on Investment) Project, Virginia DARS and Virginia DBVI will be hosting the Summit this year from Wednesday, September 7 to Thursday, September 8th.  We look forward to welcoming you to Richmond, Virginia and sharing professional development opportunities, as well as some of the sights from our beautiful city.   Please visit for additional information.  See you in September!



The Summit Group:
Performance Management
in Vocational Rehabilitation


The Summit Group is a community of practice committed to the professional education and training of Vocational Rehabilitation Program Evaluators and to the improvement of performance management within state vocational rehabilitation agencies.


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– New Job Post added to the Employment Opportunities Section. (21 June 2016)

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PEQA Competencies: Preliminary Results Brief, March, 2016:
This past year, the summit group members were asked to take part in a survey designed to better understand what makes an effective program evaluation or quality assurance (PEQA) specialist in state vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies. About 6 years ago, we asked members of the fledgling Summit Group to give us their input on the characteristics that program evaluators need to be effective. Since that time, the Summit Group membership has grown appreciably, as has the sophistication of the PEQA processes within the field. Our research team was interested in identifying the most influential competencies for program evaluators in today’s state VR agencies as well as looking at how these competencies have changed since the earlier, pilot investigation. The results may hold promise in informing more targeted professional development and improved identification of staff to fill PEQA roles. Enjoy!

PEQA Competencies Brief (03-03-16)

– New Inquiry responses posted to the Inquiries page, under “Client Surveys”. (29 March 2016)

– New Inquiry responses posted to the Inquiries page, under “Job Placement and Development Services”. (29 March 2016)

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