The Summit Group:
Performance Management
in Vocational Rehabilitation



The Summit Group is a community of practice committed to the professional education and training of Vocational Rehabilitation Program Evaluators and to the improvement of performance management within state vocational rehabilitation agencies.

What’s New with the Summit Group

– Two new Job Posts added to the Employment Opportunities Section. (22 June 2017)

– Inquiry Responses posted to the Inquiries page, under “Client Surveys”. (22 June 2017)

– One new Inquiry posted to the Inquiries page. (19 May 2017)

– Inquiry Responses posted to the Inquiries page, under “Policies”. (19 May 2017)

– One new Inquiry posted to the Inquiries page. (30 April 2017)

– The RPEN Newsletter has been added to the website, under “RPEN”. (30 April 2017)

– We would like to inform you that Alliance Enterprises is hosting a vocational rehabilitation and workforce conference in Dallas, Texas on July 26-27. The conference, “AwareLive!” is a two-day conference, dedicated to improving the quality of service for Americans with disabilities. Alliance expects the conference to be the broadest gathering of industry professionals in 2017, including VR, workforce, and technology experts. For more information, click here. (17 April 2017)

– One new Inquiry posted to the Inquiries page. (26 March 2017)

– 2017 Monitoring and Technical Assistance Guide Published: This publication is intended to serve as a resource and planning guide for VR agencies and state teams to assist in the preparation for and conduct of monitoring and technical assistance visits this fiscal year. You can find it under “Resources” tab, under “2017 Monitoring and Technical Assistance Guide.” (9 March 2017)

– In the spring of 2017, the U.S. Department of Labor, in collaboration with its Education and Health and Human Services partners, will host three national convenings. These convenings will continue to support Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) implementation, building upon the regulations and guidance, virtual training, and resources already available to the system. These convenings will have one agenda and nearly identical content and will be held at different regional locations on the West Coast, East Coast, and in the Midwest. Click here for more information. (17 February 2017)



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